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    发布日期:2022-09-07 17:03    点击次数:176


    去年七月,中国正式起头实行 (carry out)了 “双减政策” (the double reduce policy) 来削减门生的深造包袱 (burden),请痛处下列哀告向某英文杂志写一篇文章,解读双减政策,并分享自身的见识,80词阁下。

    1. 双减是哪双减?你怎么样看待双减?

    2. 双减后我们的深造和糊口生计各发生了哪些变换?(各两点变换) 

    3. 在减负的大情形下,我们怎么样成为一个优异的深造者?请提出三条有用的倡导。


    In July, China introduced the 'double reduction' policy. It hopes to reduce schoolwork burden on primary and junior high school students. The policy calls for reducing homework and after-school classes.

    In my opinion, the policy is good for us. Our homework is clearly less than before, and we have enough time to process new knowledge now. We have more chances to do experiments and learn from real life. This is a much better way to learn things than just hitting the books. We can also spend more time taking part in clubs and activities.

    Although we feel less stress than before, self-discipline becomes the key. We should balance the schoolwork and after-school activities. We also should finish our homework on time. Moreover, listening to the teacher carefully in class becomes more important. Otherwise, we will fall behind other students.

    【详解】1. 题干解读:本文是一篇质料作文。萦绕 “双减政策” 写一篇漫笔。2. 写作引导:本文给与普通往常时。分为三段式:第一段形貌双减政策的内容;第二段剖明自身对双减的概念,以及我们深造和糊口生计发生的变换;最后就怎么样在此情形下成为一个优异的深造者提出响应的倡导。写作时对立主谓分歧性,做到无语法和标点舛误。 2、家庭作业量与就寝打点教诲部正在拟订作业打点举措,初中生每天作业量匀称不逾越90分钟。对初中生来说,适合的课后作业是对所学知识的强固和深刻。优良高效地实现作业还可以或许作育门生杰出的深造习性和独立思虑的才能。与同砚一起考察,小组探究或列入社会实际流动,无利于门生翻新才能作育和综合素养提升。英文杂志正发起作业定见的征文, 请你谈谈对作业的熟习,痛处图片 (从略) 提示或你的糊口生计实际,奉告一次你感应有意义的作业休会,以及它对你的影响或启迪。哀告:1. 词数良多于80词。2. 首句已给出,不计入总词数。3. 文中不得出现其实的人名、校名。例文:Whether homework is an angle or a devil, it depends on what you will get from it. As for me, homework is a helpful friend that can guide me to study efficiently. It can not only help us review what we have learned, but also give us a chance to think about the knowledge and their connections.What impressed me most is a survey about lucky money. I interviewed my classmates online about how they spent their lucky money. I found half of my classmates used it to buy books or gave away to the poor children while some of them bought snacks or played online games. From then on, I learned to make good use of my lucky money.As a student, I love the homework which can help us find out the problems and solutions by ourselves instead of copying or repeating something boring. We also need to discuss in groups and work together.【详解】1. 题干解读:标题成就成就哀告痛处图片内容及自身的糊口生计实际,奉告一次你感应有意义的作业休会,并分化它对你的影响或启迪。2. 写作引导:写作时要联结具体的语境来应历时态,奉告自身的作业休会时用普通夙昔时,奉告影响或启迪用普通往常时。要做到要点完备,无单词拼写或语法舛误。3、课后延时服务请以 “My ideal school” 为题,痛处下列要点写一篇80词阁下的漫笔向21世纪英文报投稿。要点以下:1. 我理想中的学校是一所混淆学校,男女生一起上课。2. 我的学校糊口生计雄厚多彩,也很乏味。3. 在我的全体学科中,我最爱好的科目是电脑,因为可以或许在电脑上做良多事变。4. 放学后我有良过剩暇时光举行课外流动,我每周实习打两次羽毛球。5. 我们学校每个月有一次旅行,我们每一集团都过得很舒畅。例文:My ideal schoolMy ideal school is a mixed school where boys and girls have classes together. My school life is colorful and interesting. Of all my subjects, my favorite subject is computer, because I can do a lot of things on computer. I have a lot of free time for extra-curricular activities after school. I practice playing badminton twice a week. Our school has a trip every month, and we all have a good time.【详解】1. 题干解读:该标题成就成就属于质料作文写作,哀告根据所给的要点提示写一篇漫笔,介绍我理想的学校。留心写作时要点要完备,同时也可举行公正而又紧扣主题的发挥。2. 写作引导:本文该当用第1、三人称来阐述;时态给与普通往常时;痛处要点提示具体介绍我理想的学校是什么样的;文中必定要包孕题干中列出的全体要点;可以或许应用一些短语和经常使用句型为文章增长色采;留心单词钞缮的准确度,语法应用的准确度,凹凸文留心跟尾的流畅度,以及逻辑公正。4、加强体育教诲据报道,因为不足锻炼,中门生的身材实质有所下落.这一情形已经引发社会的关注和教诲部份的高度珍视。频年来,我市延续展起先中结业生升学体育查验事变,旨在确实贯彻党的教诲方针,单方面行进门生身材实质。同砚们适才列入过初中结业生升学体育查验,你有何感触?请你痛处下面的提示和哀告,写一篇90词阁下的英语漫笔向学校英文微刊投稿。提示:1. 锻炼身材的益处:strong, healthy, energetic…;2. 锻炼身材的编制:ball games, running, swi妹妹ing…favorite sport;3. 请你谈谈对体育锻炼的观点和倡导。哀告:1. 内容必须蕴含以上要点,可适合发挥;2. 扫尾已给出,不计人总词数;3. 语句通畅,意义连缀,档次清楚,字迹工整;                                 例文:As we know, taking sports will keep one healthy. It can help us keep strong. The more the young students exercise, the more energetic they will be. As a middle school student, I am busy with study. I have little time to take exercise, but I still do sports as often as I can. I play ball games, running, swi妹妹ing and so on. My favorite sport is playing basketball. I often watch basketball matches. What’s more, I think outdoor activities are sports, too. I also take an active part in other kinds of activities. At weekend I often go for a picnic with my family. I also like climbing mountains, flying kites, boating and so on. I enjoy colorful sports. Let’s take sports and keep ourselves healthy before it is too late.【详解】本题是写一篇给定质料的书面剖明,写作的话题是无关身材锻炼的内容,具体内容蕴含而今中门生的身材状况和锻炼状况,提出锻炼的益处,锻炼的编制,以及集团对付体育锻炼的观点和倡导,在写作时应留心吻合题意,同时应留心写作言语的准确性和连缀性。5、研学旅行旅行可使人放松,宽敞眼界。诸多旅行中,你最难忘的是哪次呢?请以 “The trip I will never forget” 为题,用英语写一篇漫笔。要点:1. 哪次旅行让你难忘2. 该旅行的阅历3. 该旅行的感触感染哀告:1. 文中不得出现其实姓名和学校名称2. 词数80阁下例文:Last su妹妹er holiday, I took a trip to Yunnan with my family. Yunnan is in the southwestern part of our country. It is really a very good place with beautiful mountains, clean rivers and kind people. Trees and flowers could be seen everywhere. The fruits there were very fresh. We stayed there for about one week. We went to Kunming, Dali and the Old Town of Lijiang. We enjoyed the local food. We also went to climb the mountains and took many photos. We all had a good time. It was such an interesting trip that I will never forget it.【详解】这是一篇话题作文。话题是The trip I will never forget(我永久不会遗记的旅行)。时态次要为普通夙昔时,留心时态的转换。人称次要为第1、三人称。仔细浏览所给质料,卖命审题,肯定主题,痛处主题和所给要点列出提纲,可适合发挥。但漫笔必须包孕有要点。字数应在80词阁下。尽可以或许应用高分句型。要应用相宜的跟尾词或过渡词,使文章具有连缀性。6、生理健康假若你是生理咨询员Sigmund Friend,近期你收到初三门生Jack的英文来信,请针对Jack的成就,给他提些倡导。Dear Sigmund Friend,I have just entered Grade 9, but we have so many exams. And every subject is even harder than before. I have a lot of homework every day. Sometimes I find it difficult to finish it. So I often stay up late. In the daytime. I always feel tired and sleepy.Also, I am often in a bad mood these days. Whenever my parents ask me about my school life, I just feel very unhappy and angry.What should I do? Can you offer me some advice?I'm looking forward to your reply.Yours sincerely,Jack哀告:1. 意义连缀,吻合逻辑,钞缮工整。2. 词数80字阁下。扫尾和扫尾已经给出,不计入总词数。例文:Dear Jack,Thank you for your letter. I know as a student in Grade 9, you have some problems. I hope I can help you.You said you have many exams and every subject is harder than before. You have a lot of homework. Plan your day carefully. Try to manage your time better. You had better choose some hobbies when you are free because hobbies are very important to you. Before the exams, you should go over what you have learnt as often as possible. Your parents always care about you, so you can talk to them about your problems. Sometimes they can offer you some valuable suggestions. Try your best in your study and enjoy your school life.You also said that you are often in a bad mood. Making friends and doing sports may be a good idea to help you solve your problems. So just take action and you will be better and better.Yours sincerely,Sigmund Friend【详解】1. 题干解读:这篇作文哀告考生痛处Jack来信中的成就,写一封回信,给他一些处理惩罚成就的倡导,属于书信类写作。2. 写作引导:审题可知,这篇漫笔应以第二人称和普通往常时为主,以第一人称和普通夙昔时为辅来阐述。写作时承接扫尾,要针对他信中“查验多、作业多”和“心情不好”这个两个成就给出具体的倡导,最后赐与激劝。行文留心主谓分歧,担保无语法和单词拼写舛误。7、休息教诲日前,中共核心、国务院印发了《对付单方面加强新时代大中小学休息教诲的定见》(A guideline on hardworking spirit education),提出了中门生该当作立休息最光采、休息最高贵、休息最伟大、休息最俏丽的休息精神。英语报纸以此为主题举行英语征文较量,地区报价请你痛处下面提示,写一篇英语漫笔,向其投稿,谈谈你对休息教诲的观点,并提出倡导。写作要点:1. Your opinion about the Guideline. List at least two reasons.2. Activities:a. What housework do you usually do at home?b. What out-of-class activities do you take part in at school?3. Your advice to students about how to develop hardworking spirit.哀告:1. 漫笔应蕴含提示中全体的写作要点,档次清楚,行文连缀,可适合发挥;2. 漫笔中不克不迭出现其实的人名和地名;3. 词数良多于80,扫尾已给出,不计入总词数。例文:A guideline on hardworking spirit education came out recently in order to help more students of different ages to get working spirit. As a midle school student, I welcome it warmly. The hardworking spirit education is necessary and it helps to build us up.I usually do housework at home, like tidying rooms, washing clothes or cooking some dishes. I also take part in out-of-class activities such as planting trees or growing vegetables to enrich my real-world work experience.In order to develop hardworking spirit, we should have hardworking spirit classes to learn some basic life skills at school every week. We should try to form good working habits and value the importance of working hard through our experience.【详解】1. 题干解读:标题成就成就哀告以《对付单方面加强新时代大中小学休息教诲的定见》中提出的休息精神为主题,写漫笔谈谈自身对休息教诲的观点,并提出自身的倡导。2. 写作引导:写作时要以第一人称为主,时态给与普通往常时。要包孕全体写作要点,揭橥自身的概念并介绍自身在家常做的家务、在学校列入的课外流动及自身对门生们怎么样作育休息精神的定见。要做到无单词拼写和语法舛误。8、手机进校园以 '手机之我见' 为题写一篇良多于80个词的漫笔。提示:随着时代的倒退,手机的遍布率越来越高,然而,也有越来越多的人否决中门生携带手机进入校园,请你联结自身的糊口生计和深造,谈谈你的观点,向学校英文报刊投稿。Use the following points as a reference.1. Is it a good idea to own a mobile phone for a middle school student?2. Why do you think so? (give at least three reasons)留心:漫笔中不得出现任何人名、校名及另皮毛干信息,否则不予评分。例文:My views on mobile phonesDifferent people have different opinions on whether it’s a good idea to use mobile phones. When it comes to me, it’s unnecessary to do so.First of all, it does no good to our study. Since mobile phones have a lot functions, we can be easily distracted from our study.Second, it’s harmful to our health. For example, like all the electronic products, mobile phones have radiation which may cause serious diseases.Finally, paying for mobile phones can be expensive. Nowadays, many people like to show off themselves by taking out the latest phones. And this can be a great waste of money.As far as I am concerned, I hold the opinion that it’s not a good idea to use mobile phones.【详解】题干解读:痛处文中给出的提示可知,这是一篇开放性的文章,作者可以或许写应承的概念也可以写否决的概念,只需说说自身的观点,公正即可。并且文中给出参考成就,中门生是否是该当有自身的手机;为何你这么觉得?阐发观点概念的时光,留心档次清楚,分段和连词的应用。例文点评:本例文作者是对中门生持有手机持否决概念,并且分三条阐述因由,用First of all、Second和Finally档次清楚。最后一段做总结。本文概念大白,因由充分。高分亮点:whether蛊惑的从句;主动语态;be harmful to;for example;神志动词应用;as far as;do good to;first of all。 9、习性养成教诲杰出的习性对付青少年的发展与告成发挥着严重的浸染。某英文网站正在就此话题在同砚中展开考察。请你写一篇良多于80词的英语漫笔,向该网站投稿,形貌你的一种或两种集团习性,并谈谈它(们)给你的发展与告成带来怎么样的影响。(文中不得出现其实的人名和校名)例文:Developing a good habit plays an important part in our daily life. Everyone has his own habit. There is no exception for me. My habit is reading. As a saying goes, reading makes a full man. I read books half an hour every day. Every time I read a book, it’s like I am going on a journey. There are two advantages as follows. Reading can open up my eyes. Meanwhile, reading is also a great way to improve writing skills. All in all, nothing is more beneficial than reading. Let’s take action to start a good reading habit.【详解】1. 题干解读:本题为话题作文,哀告以“杰出的集团习性”为主题写一篇漫笔,阐述它们对集团发展与告成的积极影响。2. 写作引导:写作时应用第一人称,时态应痛处事变的差别发生时光给与响应的时态。文章扫尾应光显点出自身的一(两)个好习性,尔后阐述该习性养成的益处,最后向读者收回养成该习性的倡导。写作时应做到档次晓畅,思路清楚,不要出现单词拼写或语法时态应用舛误。 10、食品安好现往常,良多人爱好在网上点餐。请痛处下面表格中的提示写一篇80词(扫尾已给出,不计入总词数)阁下的英语漫笔向英语杂志食品安好栏目投稿,谈谈网上点餐的利与弊,并阐述你的概念。可适合发挥,不得出现其实姓名、校名等信息。Advantages: 便便利捷,勤俭时光品种多样,鲜味可口削减外出,规避危险Disadvantages: 塑料包装传染情形饮食习性不敷健康食品安好使人耽忧参考辞汇:削减外出 reduce going out规避危险 avoid risks塑料包装 plastic packages例文:Nowadays,many people prefer ordering food online. Some people think it’s good to order food online. It is more convenient and faster than we cook at home, so we can save much time to do other things. Besides, there are many kinds of take-away food and most of them are delicious. What’s more, ordering food online can reduce going out and avoid risks.However, other people hold a different opinion. They say some restaurants may have food safety problems and plastic packages are bad for our environment and health. In addition, this kind of eating habit is unhealthy.In my opinion, we can order food online sometimes, but for the sake of our health, we’d better cook it by ourselves.【详解】1. 题干解读:本题让我们就网上点餐谈谈其利弊,并揭橥自身对此的观点。本题内容要点蕴含三部份:网上点餐的益处、网上点餐的坏处、我们对此的概念,我们可以或许把这三部份分成三段举行写作,最后一段揭橥自身观点的同时也可以总结下文章内容。2. 写作引导:本题主若是概念观点类的写作,时态次要给与普通往常时。标题成就成就给出的内容要点较多然则长篇累牍,我们可以或许萦绕内容要点自我发挥以吻合字数哀告;要点之间可应用跟尾词(Besides、What’s more等)来跟尾,这样既档次清楚又行文连缀。最后再留心查抄要点在写作时是否有脱漏,英文剖明是否吻合英文的习性与划定端方。 11、呵护目力眼光假期同砚们都举行了目力眼光检测,缔造良多同砚目力眼光下落严重,开学又添加了良多戴眼镜的同砚。学校英文广播正发起卫生与健康为主题的英语征文,假设你是李华,请你针对这一情形,向同砚们介绍一下你在呵护目力眼光方面的一些做法。要点以下:1. 对立做眼保健操2. 很少应用电子产品 ( electronic products)3. 常常做户外流动哀告: 1. 需适合添加细节,使文章更为完备和连缀。2. 钞缮工整,80词阁下。例文:Dear classmates:I’m sorry to learn that your eyesight is getting weaker these days. I’d like to share with you some ways of protecting eyesight in my daily life.At school, I often go out of the classroom to play with my classmates or do physical exercise during the breaks. In my free time, I also try hard to avoid using electronic products. You know, the light they give off is harmful to our eyes. Besides, doing eye exercises plays an important role in relaxing my tired eyes. Lastly, I usually have my eyes examined every term to make sure my eyes stay healthy.I hope you will find my ways helpful.【详解】1. 标题成就成就解读:本文是一篇质料作文,哀告作者痛处给出的内容,写一篇对付呵护目力眼光的文章。文章给出三个方面,还需求作者举行增补。2. 写作引导:本文给与第一人称为主钞缮,时态是普通往常时。可分为三段,第一段整体介绍,引出下文,第二段介绍具体编制、倡导,第三段表愿望。留心主谓分歧和安稳句式的应用。



    写作时可以或许从下列几个方面做起:1. 卖命审题。审好题是写好书面剖明的关键。审题时要留心试题的哀告,抓住要点,词数吻合哀告。2. 构思提纲。有了提纲,我们就能痛处提纲和主题肯定相干的写作质料。平日书面剖明给出的话题是开放的,而具体的内容哀告门生自身发挥,因而抉择适当的素材也是使漫笔阁下突出、大白的关键。3. 初写漫笔。通通都操办就绪,就能动笔写作了,在写作的进程中我们要留心句子的准确性、连缀性以及轻便性。考生不克不迭脱漏要点,要尽可以或许应用自身熟习的单词、短语和高分句式,言语要尺度,信息剖明清楚、完备,意义连缀。4. 编削润饰。编削润饰是取得高分的须要步伐。这一步要查抄单词拼写、语法、动词时态、语序、主谓分歧等,有没有重复、啰嗦的言语,留心钞缮的尺度:大小写、标点标志等的准确应用。项目是否准确,词数是否吻合哀告等。预祝列入2022年中考的同砚们名落孙山哦 本站是供应集团知识打点的网络存储空间,全体内容均由用户宣布,不代表本站概念。请留心甄别内容中的联络编制、诱惑置办等信息,谨防诳骗。如缔造有害或侵权内容,请点击一键告发。